WH JUSTA PRIMADONOVA  AHA# 647685 Foaled 3-31-2010

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(BST Nova X S Justaprimadonna

BEAUTIFUL BAY FILLY  Half moon star, short, dishy head, leggy, very inquisitive and friendly.  Spectacular pedigree!  Her sire is BST Nova, a homozygous black stallion siring consistent type, quality and disposition. His lines include 6 crosses to the immortal Bask++, Bask Legend, Ali Jamaal, Tornado, Ariston and *Barich De Washoe just to name a few. Her dam, is also very well bred, by Justafire DGL out of Rohara Diva, who also is a halter champion, Primadonna's lines also include Afire Bey V, MC Justa Kate, Huckleberry Bey, The Chief Justice, JK Amedeus, Scherherzadd, Bey Shah, Makhsous, and 3 more crosses to Bask.   PEDIGREE

WH Justa Primadonova's Sire

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S Justaprimadonna
WH Justa Primadonova's Dam